Give Me An NBA One-On-One Tournament During The Boring, Low Energy All-Star Weekend, Or Give Me Death

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend isn’t very interesting anymore. Of the weekend’s three marquee events, only the Three-Point Contest is compelling. Creativity was drained from the Slam Dunk Contest years ago, and the All-Star Game is played with little more effort than I exert brushing my teeth. But there is an easy way to…

Charles Barkley Kept Vaseline In His Belly Button During Games Because "There Is Nothing Worse Than A Black Man With Crusty Lips"

Last night, Karl Malone went on TNT's studio show and revealed, during Charles Barkley's rather conspicuous absence, a new and disgusting fact about Barkley that somehow hadn't seen the light of day. Are you ready? Eating breakfast? Put it down, maybe: Barkley used to keep vaseline (shudder) in his belly button (full