Paternos v. NCAA has its day in court: Both sides presented more than three hours of arguments today. Does the family have standing for its lawsuit to proceed? Was the NCAA justified in abandoning procedure to sanction Penn State? A Pennsylvania judge will think it over. [Patriot-News]

Penn State has settled claims with 19 victims who say they've been abused by Jerry Sandusky, according to lawyers for those victims. [AP]

Jerry Sandusky appeal denied: In a unanimous decision, a Pennsylvania appeals court rejected the former Penn State defensive coordinator's request for a new trial. [AP]

One of Jerry Sandusky's victims was convicted this week of robbing a woman last summer. He's been sentenced to 15 months to five years in state prison. He reportedly is getting a settlement from Penn State. [Lancaster Online]

The preliminary hearing in Harrisburg, Pa., just wrapped up, and all charges against the three former Penn State administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky have been held over for trial. No trial date has been set. [@OnwardState]

The judge who let Penn State's lawyer into the grand jury room says whether that decision should spoil the criminal case against the three university administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky is not his call. Also, the trials for those three administrators probably won't take place until next year.