The Lingerie Football League Announces That It Fired "A Couple Crews Which Apparently Are Now Officiating In The NFL" Because Of Incompetence

After the Hall of Fame game in August, Mike Pereira let it slip that Craig Ochoa, the referee who worked that game, had been fired from the Lingerie Football League. The Lingerie Football League‚ÄĒwhich recently uprooted itself from its US host cities to barnstorm in Canada, the United States, and Australia over the‚Ķ

Nothing Better Illustrates The Futility Of Replacement Refs Than This Video Of One Being Hit By A Football

Jerry Frump wore the white hat for last night's Patriots-Eagles preseason game, and like all of this year's replacement-refereed games it was a bit of a disaster for the zebras. While players openly voice concern for their health in games managed by scabs, the NFL seems perfectly content to head into the season with…