Second Mile's Tax Records: ESPN's Weepy Matt Millen Was Listed In 2009, 2010 As A Director At Sandusky's Charity

We told you earlier about accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky's consulting pay from The Second Mile. But there are other revealing tidbits to be gleaned from the charity's tax records, such as who sits on its board. Consider Matt Millen, the ESPN analyst and former Nittany Lion who choked up on air the other day

Sandusky Made Nearly $500K At The Second Mile After Admitting He Showered With A Boy, According To Tax Records

We've obtained tax returns for The Second Mile charity from 1998 to present. Some disturbing tidbits in there. Easily the most disturbing is the amount of money Jerry Sandusky earned through his nonprofit organization after 1998, when at least one person affiliated with The Second Mile learned that Sandusky was under…