Cindy Lange-Kubick, the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star's Life columnist, has written a response to our Bo Pelini story in which she provides us with a number of tips for possible stories. We take all the tips we get very, very seriously, and so we'd like to use this space to let Ms. Lange know exactly which ones we're interested in.

Dear Deadspin:

I have a Polaroid of Bob Devaney at the Legion Club in 1968. He appears to be wearing a boa around his neck, and has his arm around two cheerleaders and a waitress whose name tag says “Shirley.” I’d mail it to you, but it’s sticky and it smells like a whiskey sour. LOL.

Dear Cindy: Yes, totally interested! How obviously drunk is Bob Devaney in the picture, though? If he's Papa John drunk, then we'd be willing to pay for express mail. If he's Eli Manning drunk, regular mail is fine.

Dear Deadspin:

I have an old cassette tape of Tom Osborne’s wife, Nancy, from one of those mediocre 9-3 years. She’s cussing out her husband for calling “up the middle” again. Are you interested?

Dear Cindy: Sold! Especially if "up the middle" is actually a euphemism for some kind of sex thing. Is it a sex thing? Is there any way you might be able to confirm this?

Dear Deadspin:

I was at a “Make a Wish” dinner and Bo Pelini and all his coaches were surprising a sick kid with a car. I think someone has video.

Dear Cindy: Interested, but if it's a vertical video, you can get the fuck out.

Dear Deadspin:

I have a document that shows how much Bo Pelini and his coaching staff make, would you like a copy? FYI: It’s a lot of money, and money equals love, right?

Dear Cindy: Eh, old news.

Dear Deadspin,

Thanks for reading all my emails, hope I’m not flooding your inbox. One last thing: I was wondering if you have any interest in taped conversations between our chancellor and athletic director from the week of Sept. 16, 2013?

Dear Cindy: Do either of them use any racial slurs?

Dear Deadspin:

I was walking into a restaurant three years ago and Bo Pelini jogged by. He didn’t smile or anything. I don’t have a photo, but I remember it really well.

Dear Cindy: We have an entire rubric devoted to these kinds of stories. You can find them under the "This is So Stupid" tag. Thanks again for sending it in!