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The 1980s Were A Fine Time For Baseball Card Collecting

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The Baseball Card Blog has begun the business of ranking the baseball card sets of the '80s, from the last-place #53 (1989 Bowman), all the way up to number one. They've just started, only listing the bottom 4 so far. 1988 Donruss was next-to-last.

If you were never into baseball cards, this post probably isn't doing much but annoying you. But if you're near my age group, and you had any interest in baseball cards at all, this is right in your wheelhouse. Even seeing the gruesomely-unattractive 1988 Donruss Roger Clemens card sent me on a trip down memory lane. I remember the too-long '89 Bowmans. I remember the '87 Topps Bo Jackson Future Stars, and as a young boy, I thought it was just about the coolest thing that could have ever existed.


Anyway, if they make it all the way to #1 while giving the same amount of attention and detail to the first four sets they ranked, The Baseball Card Blog deserves some kind of an award.

Thanks to Mister Irrelevant for bring it to our attention, and he's got his own Top Ten list right here.

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