The 2012 Olympic Relay Team Just Lost Their Silver Medals

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When Tyson Gay was busted for doping last June, and then immediately fessed up to his transgressions, everyone expected that he'd cooperate with USADA in exchange for a lighter punishment. What they did not expect was that he'd sell out his relay teammates from the 2012 Olympics.

As predicted, USADA just announced that Tyson Gay has been suspended for twelve months — half of what he deserved — in exchange for full and honest cooperation with authorities. Part of that cooperation involved admitting that he was ineligibly doped for all periods after July 2012, which unfortunately for his relay buddies, includes the London Olympics. Gay has already handed over his silver medal, and because the suspension is retroactive to the time of the failed test, he is eligible to compete next month. Sorry guys! See you out on the track?

No word on when USADA will come looking for the remaining medals, but his teammates now have plenty of time to do what they should have done in 2012: snap them over their legs and throw them in the garbage.


Photo Credit: Getty Images