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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Today, the IOC revealed the list of 26 sports that have officially applied to be part of the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo. They will be trimmed and a shortlist will be announced later this month, and any potential new sports will be formally recommended for inclusion on Sept. 30.


These are the 26, ranked by how likely I am to tune in to CNBC at 1 a.m. to watch it:

  1. Tug of war
  2. Baseball & softball
  3. Bowls (curling on turf, basically)
  4. Sumo
  5. American football
  6. Flying disc (Ultimate frisbee)
  7. Underwater sports (a whole bunch of things, including underwater football and underwater hockey)
  8. Roller sports (races, hockey, and roller derby)
  9. Floorball (a hockey thing)
  10. Korfball (some sort of basketball/handball/Ultimate hybrid)
  11. Netball (like basketball but worse)
  12. Chess
  13. Waterski and wakeboard
  14. Bowling
  15. Karate
  16. Wushu
  17. Snooker
  18. Surfing
  19. Sport climbing
  20. Polo
  21. Air sports (paragliding)
  22. Raquetball
  23. Squash
  24. Orienteering
  25. Bridge
  26. Dance sport (ballroom dancing)

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