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Report: Billy Butler Injured During Fight With Teammate Danny Valencia

Oakland A’s designated hitter Billy Butler missed his team’s last two games while suffering from nausea and vomiting, and the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that he got those symptoms from a fight with teammate Danny Valencia.

No players or coaches would comment on the incident after Sunday’s game, but the Chronicle cites two sources who are aware of some of the details:

According to two sources, the dispute in the clubhouse began when Butler informed an equipment representative that Valencia had not, in fact, been wearing the spikes that Valencia had told the representative that he was using.


Here’s hoping there is more to the story, because that seems like a really dumb reason to get into a fight.

However silly the circumstances of the fight may have been, Butler’s symptoms are worrisome. Nausea and vomiting aren’t usually the result of a clubhouse scuffle, but they are commonly experienced by players who have suffered a concussion.

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