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The Baseball Slasher Flick

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We love movie taglines: Our personal favorite is for the Steven Seagal/DMX actioner Exit Wounds: "Hurts goin' in ... hurts goin' out." But it's also tough to beat the tagline for this 2000 horror flick The Catcher: "Three strikes ... you're dead."

The film, starring the immortal David Heavener — whose IMDB page points out is "not only a martial artist but also a composer and performer of Christian music" — and Joe Estevez, is about a series of murders taking place in one night at a baseball stadium. To quote from an IMDB reviewer:

The catcher, a character named Davey Walker, finds out his contract isn't getting renewed, and so starts the murder of several players who have decided to stay in the stadium for one reason or another after the game. As I mentioned, most deaths are done with a baseball bat, but really nothing is shown. Now, I don't like excessive gore, but with a movie like this where plot isn't a priority, I think that it should be thrown in as a redeeming quality.


Three strikes, people ... you're dead.

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