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The Best Corner Man For the Fight Against Cancer

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis once seemed like engaging in a fight with impossible odds — like Rocky stepping into the ring with Clubber Lang. That's not the case anymore. You'll have the coach you need to guide you through the fight of your life if you use the LIVESTRONG Foundation as your corner man.

Being told you have cancer is a shock. It can feel like starting a new job, and knowing it will be the most important thing you ever do, but having no idea how to approach it. Initially, doctors may overload you with information, leaving you to figure out the facts on your own. With LIVESTRONG's free online, in-person or over the phone support, you're not alone. Let LIVESTRONG break down the basics of your diagnosis in terms you can understand.

You have options, and LIVESTRONG can explain them to you. Living with cancer means you have a lot of choices to make, and LIVESTRONG will help you make educated decisions, from figuring out which clinical trials you're eligible for, to making sure your bases are covered for future fertility options.


Past generations of men tended to face cancer like soldiers in the opening scene of pretty much every gritty army movie: they'd grit their teeth, hope for the best, and plow forward with bravery. Men of today have learned to face — and to share their emotions — while battling cancer. Through its collaboration with Movember, LIVESTRONG has been instrumental in this evolution of the male gender. With LIVESTRONG's help, you can learn to communicate with your kids about your fight, and LIVESTRONG can connect you with others who have fought similar battles.

You don't have to face the fight of your life alone. Head here to learn more about LIVESTRONG's cancer support services.

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