The Clippers Were Once So Bad That They Made A Player Suicidal

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Earlier today, we published the first section of our multi-part oral history of Donald Sterling’s Clippers, in which a few former Clippers players talked about the miserable experiences they had in L.A. But one anecdote, from former Clippers guard Bo Kimble, really stuck out:

Bo Kimble (guard, 1990-92): I will say my darkest Clipper moment—nobody knew about this—was that I thought about committing suicide at least 10 to 15 times. For me, being a lottery pick, knowing I’m [one of the] better shooter and scorers on the team, we’re losing 15 out of 22 games and you’re paying me $11 million and I can’t get on the court. I didn’t make the NBA because of money, I made it because of my love of the game. So that was something that I’m glad I got past.

Damn. That is bleak. Now scroll down to read the rest of Part 1 of the oral history.