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The College Athletics Pyramid Scheme

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There are four major professional sports franchises in the state of Georgia: The Atlanta Thrashers, the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks. The Falcons make money because in the NFL, and you can run a franchise into a Port-a-John in the NFL and still make money. (We present The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals as Exhibit A.) The other teams are consistent financial failures.

The problem might be the notoriously blah Atlanta fanbase, but here's a more obvious solution: Stop paying the players. It's certainly working for the University of Georgia, which made more money from athletics than any other school in the country last year, $23.9 million. The school calls it "unallocated funds" rather than "profit" — a concept we understand, since most of our funds have already been "allocated" by the team they show up in our bank account — and its mainly due to football, of course, which brought in $12. 9 million in profit. The next four teams in profit margin: Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas and Alabama. In comparison, Georgia Tech ended up with $1.5 million in profit.


So yeah: We gotta get into one of those taxpayer subsidized businesses in which most of our key employees work for free. Nice gig, if you can get it.

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