Mike Florio To Eagles Receipt Prankster: "Grow Up"

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio—journalist, TV personality, and lawyer at Schmuck, Hack, and Gasbag LLP—has some thoughts on Eagles guard Evan Mathis's receipt gag:

Good one, Evan. Now grow up.

Whether it's lying to one reporter or lying to all of them, the lesson is that no one should listen to anything Mathis ever has to say, if he's going to continue to engage in the pro athlete equivalent of having pizzas delivered to his next-door neighbor.

That's hilarious. When you're 12.Regardless of what any players or fans think of the media, the media has a job to do, just like everyone else. What Mathis has been doing is no different than a member of the media standing on the sidelines and shining a laser pointer in his eyes as he's trying to prepare for the snap.That's also hilarious. When you're 12.

The Eagles' $64,000 Receipt Is Fake And Has A Hidden Message

Last night, guard Evan Mathis tweeted out this receipt, purportedly from a hearty steakhouse dinner with drinks, that after tax and (three percent) tip, came out to a whopping $64,055.76. The caption: "Teaching rookies a lesson..."

The first sign something was up should have been the timing—sophomore tackle Lane Johnson hosted his own "rookie" dinner on Monday, and caught flak for the $17,000 bill—which, it later turned out, had been split a few ways.

The second sign was that Mathis has messed with the media before.

But the biggest clue was the acrostic in Mathis's check, one nobody noticed until Adam Schefter pointed it out this morning. Read the first letter of each line.


I don't know how clever it is to post a thing, say it's real, and then 10 hours later reveal it's not (gotcha, I guess), especially when rookie dinners do actually happen across a league where most new players will wash out within a couple years. At the very least, wait 'til the thinkpieces come out before dropping the gag.