Arizona State’s Kellen Diesch, Tulsa’s Chris Paul, and Northern Iowa’s Trevor Penning followed close behind with 4.89 to round out the fastest group of offensive linemen in NFL combine history. In total, 12 offensive linemen posted a sub-5.0 40, which doubled the previous high set in 2013. Out of that group, 322 pound Penning might be the best FCS offensive tackle prospect since Armstead. He’s even got Myles Garrett on notice.

On the other side of the 40-yard-dash offensive line leaderboard, could Texas A&M’s Kenyon Green’s 5.24 40 (and 20 reps on the bench press) plummet out of the top 10?

In the case of Green, his 40 time is the mirage. Guys like Orlando and Trent Brown have run like slugs at the combine and still become All-Pro pass protectors. What will concern teams who are heavily invested in these exercises, are his 20 bench press reps, which were the second-fewest of any linemen who participated in the workout. We already knew this was going to be a special class of offensive lineman, but the rest of the field left scouts buzzing.

Verdict: Real Deal