The (Faulty) Rumor Mill That Is Bonnie Bernstein

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You know we know we're not true members of the media? Because we don't really care about female sideline reporters. We would say that the vast majority of (male) sports reporters we've met have bizarre, borderline creepy fascinations with the women who fire off five-word questions to coaches before halftime, update us on injuries and often wear funny hats. Our guess is that when you're a male beat reporter on the road all the time, these are pretty much the only women you meet.

Anyway, the whole Interweb has been abuzz with ultimately refuted rumors after Bonnie Bernstein announced she was leaving CBS. (A retraction of all the rumors can be found here.) We think Bernstein is a fine enough reporter, does her job well, wears appropriately funny hats ... no real complaints here. But since she's leaving, rumors are popping up.

We feel sorry for Bernstein, who has done her job at a high level for some time now and still can't leave it without people tossing around "who's-she-sleeping-with?" stories. After all, we're still waiting for those "who's James Brown porking?" stories, now that he has left FOX for CBS. 'Tis life in the land of funny hats, one supposes.


Bonnie Bernstein Diary []

(UPDATE: Scott's Shots at Boston Sports Media has reiterated that says the rumors he has been hinting at are completely false.)


(SECOND UPDATE: More media outlets have printed corrections or retractions, realizing they jumped on a bandwagon that had no wheels here. So we're clear, right? OK?)