Leaked Video: The Gronkowskis Are Pitching An Animated TV Show

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We've obtained the sizzle reel that the Gronkowski clan is shopping around Hollywood, hoping to land a contract for an animated TV show. So. Much. Zubaz.

The Gronks would be a lightly fictionalized look at adventures of the Gronkowski clan, the five brothers, Gordy Jr., Chris, Dan, Glenn, and Rob, three of whom are in the NFL, and scion Gordy, aka Papa Gronk. Adventures like the time Rob emailed his teacher and told him to suck his dick, or took a Viagra pill before a Las Vegas pool party to impress women with his "semi-boner."


We're told the concept is being shopped around by by the Gronkowskis' managers, Henry Penzi and Wayne Carmona, but the heavy lifting will come in the offseason, when the plan is to have the entire Gronk family walk in on pitch meetings and "instantly sell it."

One name supposedly interested in co-writing the project with the Gronkowskis is longtime TV writer Ricky Blitt. If it comes to fruition, the New England synergy will be off the charts: Blitt is a co-executive producer on Family Guy, while both Penzi and Carmona have worked with Mark Wahlberg, with Penzi coming across like a real-life Turtle.


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