If there is only one truth in the world, it is this: women hate watching sports. Baseball? Football? Basketball? Soccer? Nah, all the way around. Seriously, have you ever met a woman that enjoyed watching sports? No. Are you one? Certainly not!

Not only is Men's Health is willing to speak truth to power by pointing out, against all evidence, that women don't actually enjoy watching sports, but they're willing to help all of us cool, good dudes with penises out by teaching us the secret that will allow us to talk to women about sports. Are you a bro who, while hanging out with your bros, has seen a woman watching sports and thought, "She looks like she's into sports, but she probably really isn't"? Mens Health has you covered. They can explain what's going on. They've figured out that women aren't into sports, but storylines. That's exactly the sort of thing that my bros and I never would have thought of.

There's evidence here! Look at all these not-at-all-staged pictures of miserable women watching sports. Would they be so unhappy if these cool bros were talking to them about storylines like the ones in their soaps? No way!

Bros, you know what you have to do.

Photos via Shutterstock