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The Racist, Violent Hazing Claims That Killed WKU's D-I Swim Team

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Earlier this week, Western Kentucky University suspended its swimming and diving program for five years after conducting a Title IX investigation into hazing allegations. A copy of the criminal complaint filed by former swimmer Collin Craig has been made public, and we now know exactly what got the program in so much trouble.

Craig submitted a 10-page complaint to the Bowling Green police department on Jan. 4, 2015, detailing a slew of hazing allegations. Most of the stuff in Craig’s complaint is your run-of-the-mill in-group fuckery—lots of people being forced to drink alcohol, lots of upperclassmen calling people “pussies,” lots of freshmen being punched in the nuts—but the WKU swim team seems to have comprised some particularly shitty dudes. For example, Craig claims that his swimming teammates were openly hostile and racist toward some of his Middle Eastern friends:

The day before Thanksgiving break, I brought 5 friends ([names redacted] and another male who I cannot recall his name), who are not swimmers and mostly from the Middle Eastern descent, to a swim party at the party house. [Redacted] and [redacted] told me that I had to tell my friends to leave becuse they were “weird and tried to start a fight.” However, I was with them the entire night and they never bothered nor threatend a single person. Most of the men swimmers called them “Taliban” and used it in derogatory phrases such as “Why is the Taliban here?” [Redacted] and [redacted] later blamed me for the party not being good.


Craig also claimed that he was nearly choked out after being forced to wrestle one of his fellow freshmen:

During the “match,” I tried to overpower [redacted] and stay out of harm’s way. However, at one point, [redacted] placed me in a choke hold for approximately one minute. He did this while being on top of me, putting his forearm against my throat and pressing down on my throat with his entire body weight, while squeezing the air out of my lungs with his legs which were wrapped around my chest. Just before I felt as if I would pass out, I “tapped out” and [redacted] stopped choking me.

As a result of this choking, I had a headache for 2 days and my throat area bruised. I also experienced pain while swallowing for 3 days.

There’s also a grim accusation of sexual assault:

On an unknown date in September, at a party at the party house, [redacted] and a female recruit (unknown name) were in the bathroom of the party house. They were both every [sic] intoxicated and the female was either passed out or unable to control herself. Someone noticed that [redacted] was going to have sex with her and yelled “we need a condom in here.” This brought attention to them and the partygoers rushed to the bathroom door to watch. I could not see what was going on. However, [redacted] climbed onto my shoulders to watch. [Redacted] later told me that he saw [redacted] “fingering” the recruit who appeared to be unconscious.


According to the incident report, police were able to make contact with the female recruit who was seen in the bathroom, but she denied that any sexual assault took place. Cops also executed a search warrant at the swim team’s party house, and seized all kinds of photos and videos from phones and computers:

These boards were a photo collage of what appeared to be various students that were highly intoxicated to the point of vomiting and passing out. Some photographs depicted intoxicated individuals that were nude or partially nude placing their buttocks on other individuals. The photographs also showed individuals with a penis drawn on them, the words insert dick here” with an arrow drown to the mouth, the word “nigger” written on an individual that appeared to be passed out, and females passed out in various positions (one of which the female is passed out in the bathroom with her panties pulled down).


You can read the full report below.


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