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The Round Mound Of Rimshot

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Honestly, we could probably do a Ridiculous And Hysterical Yet Disturbing Things Charles Barkley Said feature every day, and twice on Tuesday. Whatever your thoughts on the guy, he's always wonderfully unhinged. We have to be careful not to go to the well too often with him.

Anyway, Broadcasting & Cable's blog nailed down some pretty great stuff Barkley pulled during some sort of media trade event at Madison Square Garden last night. Some highlights:

More laughs occurred during [TNT's] "halftime report," performed by hoops announcers Ernie Johnson, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley. Barkley, for one, wasn't buying TBS' original scripted comedy series "My Boys," starring toothsome blonde Jordana Spiro as a sportswriter. "[Female] sportswriters don't look like that," said Sir Charles. "They're more like the troll variety."

As both Johnsons chided Barkley, the man once known as the Round Mound of Rebound responded, "They shouldn't be mad at me. They should be mad at God."

Following was the inevitable Brokeback Mountain joke, for which Barkley's and announcer Kenny Smith's heads were superimposed onto the bodies of the film's gay cowboys. "I was behind Kenny!" insisted Charles. Once the nervous laughter subsided, he added, "I was the Mountain part. He was the Brokeback."


Only Charles Barkley could make us not turn up our noses at yet another Brokeback Mountain joke. We just hope that Barkley doesn't take aside Cheryl Miller and whisper, "So, seriously, you should be awfully pissed at God. No joke."

'Very Funny' Stuff at TBS/TNT Upfront [Broadcasting & Cable]

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