The Royals Are Serving Fans Moldy Garbage Hot Dogs

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The picture you see above, via KCTV 5, was snapped by a Royals fan who attended Friday’s game at Kauffman Stadium. That first, not entirely revolting hot dog is what was available to fans who wanted to pay normal prices for food. That pallid tube of, uh, meat (?) that’s been stuffed into some sort of molecularly compromised bread product is what fans who wanted to take advantage of Dollar Hot Dog Night were given. This is bad—and disgusting!

This bad, disgusting food was all over the stadium on Friday.


This food was prepared by Aramark, the concessions company that inexplicably has a contract at Kauffman Stadium despite having been busted just a few months ago for selling rotten horror food to fans. Take heed, Kansas City sports fans! Your favorite team is actively trying to poison you.


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