The Rules Of Jersey Wearing

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From new St. Louis blog Inside STL comes an article that, frankly, we've been waiting a while to see: An incomplete but still helpful set of rules regarding the wearing of player jerseys at baseball games.

We disagree with a couple of the rules — sorry, we don't see anything wrong with replica jerseys; we don't think think it's being disrespectful of baseball tradition not to pay $250 for a piece of cloth — but on the whole, they're dead-on, particularly the one about not putting your own name on the back. Nothing's sadder than the poor bastard who's walking around the stadium with a major-league quality jersey on, and the last name "Kleinhenfelder" on the back.


Also some good work here on the notion of jersey mistakes — like the Tino Martinez-Cardinals jersey shown — and of obscure jerseys that are cool to wear, like Felix Jose and, we hope Rick Ankiel.

Baseball Jersey Wearing 101 [Inside STL]