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The Sad Life Of Ricky Williams

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It's clear, at this point, that Ricky Williams, who was officially suspended for the 2006 season yesterday, would have had a much better life if he had just never played pro football at all. If he would have just decided to travel the world and smoke weed right after leaving Austin, he would:

• Have been considered a mysterious, enigmatic legend, leaving the game while he was at its zenith and everyone discussing his brilliance and what might have been.
• Would not owe the Miami Dolphins $8.6 million with no obvious income possibilities at the age of 30, when running backs' careers are traditionally almost over.
• Would not have to pay $4,600 a month in child support for the third of his four children, and would not have to pay whatever he's paying for the other three.
• Would have never had to talk to Mike Wallace.
• Would pretty much get free pot wherever he went, for life.


Obviously, when you're talking weed, there's going to be a level of amusement to the story. But Williams' story is, in our eyes, a tragic one, a life ruined by professional sport and personal weaknesses. Williams life is a disaster area, and there isn't much time left to turn it around. A friend of Williams', on the eve of the draft the year he came out, worried publicly that Williams might "be too sensitive for pro football." Time has proven him all-too-correct.

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