The Second Coming Of Johnny Damon

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Forecast for the Boston area tonight: cold, with chance of falling objects. It' s the return of Johnny Damon to Fenway Park, of course, and we all look on with a bit of trepidation. We don't know what to expect, but we're secretly kind of hoping for the Jerry Springer Show of baseball games. Have Red Sox Faithful had sufficient time to get used to the fact that Damon has turned to the Dark Side? How many fans will be packing signs? We're all pretty much sitting at our desks looking at the clock, waiting for school to end so we can rush out to watch the big fight between the two kids who hate each other. Only this time it's Damon and, like, every kid at school. Or, as Boston's David Ortiz said to the Associated Press: "It's going to be a little crazy out there tomorrow."

At least one Red Sox site, however, is pleading for calm. Over at Boston Dirt Dawgs, there are several posts showing Damon in happer times, such as him clutching the World Series trophy in 2004 and being loaded into an ambulance with his fist raised. "Give it up for a guy who gave his all ... all the time," advises the site. "World Series Champions, period. Boston never forgets."


Um, that's what we're afraid of.

By the way, as near as we can tell, the Photoshop above was created by the folks at Da Bronx Bombers.


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