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The Terry Bradshaw Bulimia Plan

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If you haven't noticed from those gripping ads clearly aimed at sports fans, the new Matthew McConaughey-Sarah Jessica Parker "romantic" "comedy" Failure To Launch co-stars Fox Sports' own Terry Bradshaw, playing (we think) the father of one of the two main characters. Yep, Bradshaw's actually playing someone other than himself; we're clearly sprinting to the theaters.

Anyway, Bradshaw was on the Don Imus radio show this morning, and he started discussing his "close friendship with Kathy Bates," who also stars in the film. We'll break down the conversation as such.


Bradshaw: "I've got makeout scenes with Kathy. She and I do love scenes."
(palpable pause)
Imus: "You sound out of breath. You're not masturbating, are you?"

Excuse us, we're going to go kill ourselves.

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