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The Vikings Considered Black Uniforms

We are fans of unrealized uniform concepts (even if they are teal monstrosities). So we're excited that Paul Lukas at Uni Watch has gotten his hands on two sets of prototype designs for the Minnesota Vikings, made by Reebok in 2003.


Yes, that is black and gold on the proposed alternate uniform, and the other set's third uni is just black and white. It is nothing short of a miracle that the Vikings resisted the temptation to go black. (Other teams around that time were not so lucky.) But it is interesting to see how some elements, like the irregular pant stripe here and the white shoulder stripes in the other set, did make it in to Reebok's 2006 redesign. When Nike got the NFL contract, it didn't take long to strip these elements out.

Lukas says he's hoping to soon be able to share a large packet of Reebok's design prototypes, along with internal discussions about them. We're looking forward to it.

Uni Watch Exclusive: Vikings Prototypes [Uni Watch]

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