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The Unparalleled Genius Of Barry Switzer

I had originally intended to include this in the Leftovers, but it's just too priceless to not get its own post. Philadelphia Will Do dug up this clip on You Tube of some of Barry Switzer's and John Madden's finest work.

Setting the scene: The Cowboys and Eagles are tied at 17 with 2:00 to play in the game. The Cowboys have the ball, 4th and 1 at their own 29-yard-line. Easy call, right? You punt, pin the Eagles back, take your chances in overtime.


Not Barry Switzer.

He opts to jam it in to the left side of the line for a loss of one. But through some shady officiating, the Cowboys get a chance to undo their mistake. Barry Switzer will hear none of that crazy talk. He does the exact same thing. And when I say the exact same thing, he not only makes the same absurd decision again, he runs the exact same play. And it goes for the exact same result.

The highlight of the clip is how incredulous John Madden is at how dumb Barry Switzer is. If you think Madden's too easy on the players and coaches in the NFL, here's a chance to re-shape your opinion.

Ah, The Glories Of Minor Eagles Triumps Of The Mid-1990s [Philadelphia Will Do]

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