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We find all kinds of goofy photos around this here Interweb. Here s some highlights from our favorites.

"Mmmm, Olympic gold (gurgle)." They're saying that the Turin Winter Olympic gold medal is more bagel-like than the designers would care to admit. And now that we see it, it does look somewhat delicious. [Road to Torino]

Super Bowl party at Ted Nugent's house? We're there. Wooo! Actually, we're not sure what the statement is here. Troy Polamalu played like a deer in the headlights? We just hope it's not one of those novelty singing devices. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

How many Boston-area birds will be enjoying this fine addition to the bottoms of their cages this week? We guess a lot. [Yahoo News]

We can't help it: We just can't read about the Wayne Gretzky/Janet Jones/NHL gambling saga without thinking about the movie Lost In America. "You are no longer allowed to use the words 'nest' and 'egg' in the same sentence." [Crazy4Cinema]