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The Week In Photos

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We find all manner of interesting photos on this here inter-web. Here are a few.

• Is there anything more frightening than the thought of Tommy Lasorda at the controls of a fighter jet? We can't think of anything. Two thoughts provide us comfort, however. 1. We know our Tommy, and if he wants to do any dogfighting, he'll have to taxi to Iraq, and 2. His belly looks like it may be awfully close to the "ejection" button. []


• Red Sox fans are such scamps. Remember back on April 11th, when the Blue Jays' Shea Hillenbrand angered Boston pitcher Josh Beckett by trotting toward first after what he thought was ball four (which turned out to be a called strike)? Not only did Beckett take umbrage, but Red Sox fans also got into the act, and the fun apparently included their pet apes. At least we think this is real. Hey, leave Hillenbrand alone; he's just an innocent primate! [Boston Dirt Dogs]

• We don't know why we find this hilarious, but we do. It's Kobe imitating a puffer fish, apparently. Or it may have been taken on a night when he was depressed at scoring less than 50 points. [MSNBC]

• Oh, now we remember. This is much scarier than Lasorda flying a jet; if only because it represents every night terror we ever had as a child. []

• We can only pray to God that they're not discussing a movie project. That's Byron Scott on the right, by the way. [ESPN photo wire]

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