Many athletes have thoughts on George Zimmerman being found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Many, many thoughts.

Dwyane Wade

Roddy White

White later apologized for his Saturday night tweets.

Marcus Vick

Victor Cruz

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DeSean Jackson

I am TRAYVON mArtin !

That's the face he make after killing a young black mans life ! Smh

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Winky Wright

And then...

Daniel Gibson

Woke up this morning with a heavy heart & shed a tear just at the thought of what Trayvon's Family has endured. My heart & soul goes out to them, as I was able to hear my son's voice this morning, a privilege they had senselessly taken away from them at No Cost. Sadly enough, Trayvon Martin could have easily been any black kid anywhere in America & it hurts me deep to think about My son, My nephews, & all the children who witnessed this trial & how demoralizing it must feel to see another young black kid be blatantly murdered, his trial dragged this long & in the end see His life treated as if it was Worth Nothing! Is there life not as important as anything else. They are my concern. What do I tell them as i look into their eyes & see hopelessness, fear that they are not protected by our so called "Judicial System"? What do i say? Something has to change & what better time than Now? Let Trayvon's death not be in vain. As bad as I would like to make somebody pay for this I would be no better than Zimmerman if I did. We somehow have to allow that hate & frustration in our heart to be used not in retaliation but toward creating a brighter future for our children. This shit gotta stop by any means necessary!

Matt Barnes

What we've learned... Kill kids & you walk, kill dogs & you go to prison. #CrazyWorld

J.R. Smith

#RIP All we have is time!!! An his was cut way to short for no reason! All cause somebody want to play #underdog! #SadTimes!

#GreatMorningWorld! Hearts an Prayers go out to T.Martin an his PARENTS!! Still wearing my HOOD n bout to take my baby to get an ice tea n skittles!

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