Well, this creates a bit of a problem, no? Ny Krohnborg IL, a regional side that plays in Norway, came back from the offseason to find this sitting along one of the goal lines on its pitch. Surprise!

It's a new access road to an adjacent psychiatric hospital that sits on a university campus. The municipality and the university did agree to build the road three years ago, but team officials say they were never told any of the details, including the how and when. Which ought to be an important 'I' to dot and 'T' to cross. Yeah, no.

Said the manager of the local sports council:

How can they go ahead with cutting path without informing us? There are several teams that have league matches here. Teams that Nymarksminde, Trane, Kronstadt, Laksevaag and Baune uses path. I thought everyone agreed that it should not take more of this path, he says.

Not everyone, apparently.

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