The Celtics beat the Mavericks last night in double overtime, but it's safe to say that the most important thing to happen during the game took place in the third quarter, during a timeout: this unhappy-looking woman pretended to give a double blowjob for some reason.

Unlike blowjob pantomimers of yore, she doesn't seem to have been mugging specifically for the camera—it looks like the crowd around her is checking out the jumbotron, and if this is her and her friends' reactions to being up on the jumbotron giving pretend double blowjobs, they are extremely cool customers—but the Comcast SportsNet cameras caught her anway, and now she is famous. A dour redheaded woman wearing a Kevin Garnett jersey crudely pretending to give a double blowjob at Celtics game? If that's not on the Boston coat of arms by the end of the week, someone messed up.


h/t moldy