This Lady Running Like A Horse Is Really, Really Good At Running Like A Horse

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This is Ayla Kirstine, a Norwegian woman who went viral on German Twitter this week for running like a horse. You may have questions—“Why is she running like a horse?” would be a good one—though you cannot deny that this pferdmädchen is extremely good at running, and even jumping, like a horse.

Kirstine rejoined Instagram with a public account today, and though she professed she was nervous, she dropped another highlight reel video of her jumping like a horse. I tried this in my apartment, and I can confirm to you that it is hard as hell. A member of the Deadspin staff who shall go unnamed claims to be an experienced horse jumper with the ability to clear a picnic table like Kirstine, though they have staunchly refused to provide proof or even write this here blog, so here we are, without their “expert” takes.


A quick search shows that there’s plenty of people who like to run and jump like horses, the most famous of which is Anna Salander, who really had a moment six years ago.

Steve Harvey also brought this to the masses.

When I was trying to identify Kirstine, I searched “jumping like a horse Instagram,” which led me to Instagram user She is also very good at jumping like a horse.


Maybe someday the Deadspin staffer who claims they’re a secretly talented horse-jumper will prove it or at least give an informed scouting report, but until then, I suppose you’ll just have to watch these people run and jump like horses.