J.J. Watt made NFL history today by being the first player to ever have two seasons of at least 20 sacks. Let's take this achievement as an opportunity to say that Watt should be this season's MVP, dammit.

No one's saying Aaron Rodgers isn't good. Aaron Rodgers is awesome. He's beautiful and has unbelievable accuracy and touch on passes. But Watt is more valuable, and has played more than Rodgers.

Watt was undeniably the best defensive player in 2014. This season's final stats: 20.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, one interception, 59 solo tackles, a safety, two defensive touchdowns, and four receiving touchdowns. The Texans defensive end accomplished that in 1,012 snaps on the field. (Rodgers played 940 snaps.) If there's any year to not pick a quarterback as MVP, it's this one. All of the numbers show it. Ask yourself, what would a defensive player have to do to prove himself better than any offensive player in the league? Hasn't Watt done that?

Whether or not you're convinced, here's a Watt highlight from today. Watch him burn past left tackle Luke Joeckel for the sack and two points:


And this is what you look like when you get owned by Watt:

Only two defensive players have won the MVP award: Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page in 1971 and Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor, who had 20.5 sacks in 1986. Watt should join them.


Photo: AP