Joel Embiid sent a few funny tweets today:

This is not the first time that the 2014 NBA draft's third overall pick has been funny on Twitter. His joke-y attempts to recruit LeBron James to Philadelphia were both hilarious and adorable, and he really seems to understand that the best way to use Twitter is to never take it seriously. For example:

And my absolute favorite tweet of his, in which he announces an endorsement deal while making reference to his satellite-delayed reaction to being drafted by the 76ers:

These are great tweets! These are also the tweets of a man who has yet to be beaten down by persnickety management stooges and jerk-ass fans to the point that it's no longer worth it for him to ever express an actual opinion. We can't let this happen to Joel Embiid. We all need to agree, right now, to let him live so that we may continue enjoying his tweets.


Fortunately, it appears that Embiid has already developed a playful way to deal with the trolls. Every time he tweets something that people take notice of, he follows it up with something like this:

This is a man who knows how to play the game.

Screencap via Jose3030