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Time-Traveling Deadspin Reader Speaks

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So you know that Darren Daulton piece from earlier this week? You know, the one how he's, uh, kind of lost his freaking mind? Yeah, that one.


Anyway, after watching the "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel" segment on HBO last night, some guy sent us the following email.

I don't know if you speak for Darren, but if he likes hearing from other people who have had a lot of the same feelings, and experiences that Darren is facing, and would like to converse, I'd be happen to write to him, and describe my experiences. I watched the Brian Gumbel, HBO sports special on Darren, and I don't think Darren is crazy at all. These are legitimate experiences that he is having, and others like myself are having the exact same experiences. I could also speak to his 2nd wife, and help her to understand what he is going though. Thanks for listening.

We actually found this email very charming; there's something to be said for someone who wants to use their time-traveling experiences to help people rather than, you know, sneak into a women's locker room and then zip off to medieval times or something. But we are afraid we are little help; we do not speak for or to Daulton. Well, at least not the current version; we were chatting with the 1993 Daulton just the other day, however, and you know what? Dykstra's a dick, apparently.

Darren Daulton Is Freaking Insane [Deadspin]

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