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Middlesbrough 3-0 Chelsea. Now this... is a serious upset. Chelsea isn't just the best team in the league, they are dominant. Their goal differential on the year is +36, and there's only one other team better than +14. And not only did they lose to Boro, a pretty bad team, they got an old school beatdown. Boro's first goal was score by Fabio Rochemback, who might just have the coolest name in sports.

Arsenal 1-1 Bolton. Gilberto scores in the 90th minute (that's the last one, kinda) to salvage a tie for Arsenal. Bolton really should reconsider playing, "I Said I Loved You, But I Lied," at all of their home games.

Fulham 6-1 West Brom. You aren't going to win a lot of soccer games when you give up six goals. That is my Steve Lavin-esque analysis of this game.

Portsmouth 1-3 Manchester United. With the win, Man United pulls to within 12 points of Chelsea, which means they no longer need a huge miracle to comeback and win, just a really big one.