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Today In The Premiership...

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Bolton 0-2 Chelsea. Chelsea's now just 4 points away from clinching the league title, and they can do it Monday if they beat Everton and Man United fails to beat Tottenham. I'm kinda starting to dislike Chelsea.

Everton 0-1 Tottenham. Robbie Keane scores on a penalty kick for Tottenham, keeping them in 4th place and on track for a spot in year's Champions League. Everton, meanwhile... well, they're just kinda... there.


Arsenal 3-1 West Brom. It's quite the holiday weekend... not only is tomorrow Easter, but today was Dennis Bergkamp Day, though I did not receive a chocolate Dennis Bergkamp in a little basket with gake green grass. The retiring Bergkamp responded by scoring a sweet goal, keeping Arsenal four points back of Tottenham for that Champions League spot, with just four league games left for each side to play.

• Leeds 1-1 Reading, Sheffield United promoted to the Premiership next year. The Sheffs (I don't know if anyone calls them that, I just made it up. Actually, I think they're called the 'Blades,' but the 'Sheffs' just sounds better to me. Either that, or the fighting Garys) haven't been in the big league for 12 years.

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