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If you ask Tom Brady’s dad, Tom Brady had no knowledge of Patriots personnel tampering with the air pressure in footballs. Why would you ask Tom Brady’s dad? Who knows. Jim Corbett of USA Today did anyway. In fact, Tom Brady Sr. believes there’s a real scandal within the Ballghazi: the character assassination of Tom Brady.

“In this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty. It just seems Tommy is now guilty until proven innocent.

“This thing is so convoluted. ... They say that possibly — possibly — he was aware of this. The reality is if you can’t prove he did it, then he’s innocent, and lay off him. That’s the bottom line.”

Brady Sr. went on to strongly state the NFL was far more concerned about is image than that of the three-time Super Bowl MVP, long one of the faces of the league.

“The league had to cover themselves,” said Brady Sr. “The reality is they had no conclusive evidence.

“This was Framegate right from the beginning.”

Open your eyes.

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