Holy shit. Holy shit!

This golden nugget is a promo for TFC, or Team Fighting Championship, in which two teams of five guys face off against each other in an MMA-style, no-holds-barred, simulated death match. It's preposterous, and shouldn't exist. But it does, and the world is better for it.

As you can see above, the fight starts off as five separate one-on-one skirmishes, until one guy gets pounded out. And then it gets nuts. The loser has to leave the ring, leaving the victor free to jump another opponent. The tide quickly turns, as the team with the numbers advantage punches, chokes, and stomps out each remaining opponent until the refs call the match.

This, folks, is some Worldstar shit. Though they're wearing gear sort of like what you'd see in a UFC fight, this sort of thing would (should) never, ever be sanctioned in the United States. It's barbaric, and more importantly, it's one closer step to the state-approved, HBO-streamed knife fights to the death we all know are happening in our lifetime. Team Fighting Championship is not just a great, supremely fucked up idea. Team Fighting Championship is the future.

h/t Ameer