A Tulsa sports bar says it is getting price-gouged at the last minute after promising its customers it would show tonight’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

Leon’s, a 160-person capacity sports bar, has been promoting itself as the place to watch tonight’s big fight for weeks, according to owner J.L. Lewis. When Lewis called J&J Productions a few weeks ago—the company that ensures bars pay a commercial license price relative to their capacity—he was told the fight would cost $4,600.

Lewis wasn’t even expecting to make money on that high of a PPV price, but figured it would be worth it to still get a lot of people in the door. When Lewis called today however, J&J told him the fight would cost $6,500—an increase of nearly two grand.

J&J was already kind of a bullshit operation. The company hires undercover spies to bust bars that order the fight’s normal, consumer-grade PPV instead of paying the commercial license’s exorbitant fees. When Deadspin called J&J to figure out their pricing model, we were told that bars with a capacity of 200 had to pay $6,500, a level it appears Lewis shouldn’t be held to.


So if you’re in the Tulsa area tonight, make sure to swing by Leon’s and order lots of booze.

Photo via Facebook