TV Reporter Wakes Up Only Guy Camped Out To Buy Titans Ticket

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Single-game tickets for Tennessee Titans home games go on sale this morning. Most people intend to buy them online. Not David Cline. He's one of those people who camps out overnight every year to secure his spot. "I'll do this when I'm in my sixties," he says. This year, Cline was the only overnight camper outside LP Field.

Stephanie Langston of WKRN-TV went to the stadium today to do a report on the ticket sales. Cline, who got to the stadium yesterday morning, is still asleep on the pavement when Langston approaches. This is live TV, and it clearly isn't staged. [Update: Video of the interview has been removed from YouTube. You can now watch by going to WKRN's site here.] Cline, a good sport, stands up and groggily answers all of Langston's questions. He's hoping to buy just one ticket for one game. Langston asks him if he's ever heard of the internet. "I don't have a credit card," Cline replies. Man, what a sad interview.