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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Twins Rookie Homers On First Career Pitch As His Family Watches

Twenty-three-year-old outfielder Eddie Rosario made his Major League debut last night, and made it loudly. He became the 29th player in MLB history to homer on the very first pitch he ever saw.

After going deep off of Scott Kazmir in the third in an eventual 13-0 win over the A’s, Rosario got the silent treatment from his teammates, before being embraced and taking a curtain call (he also got a cooler-dumping after the game).

“After everyone congratulates him, the kid gets it,” said Twins righthander Kyle Gibson. “He sits down on the bench and the only thing he said was, ‘Man, what a moment.’ That’s exactly it.”


Rosario’s family was in the stands, having flown up from Puerto Rico for the occasion. They were well-rewarded. “I just wanted him to play good baseball,” Eddie Rosario Sr. said, “the way baseball’s supposed to [be] played...not a home run! I think I’m the happiest father in this world right now.”

You should watch the in-game interview with the elated Rosario family, if only for the slow-motion replay of them all filming his first pitch, and capturing more than any of them could have expected.


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