The struggling Cavaliers are taking on the 76ers tonight, and with practically the entire team injured, Dion Waiters was poised to get his fourth start of the season:

And then all of a sudden, he wasn't:

When the game started, Waiters wasn't even seen on the bench. So what the hell happened?

That's Dion Waiter's cousin, in tweets that were quickly deleted after ESPN's Dave McMenamin pointed them out. And then:

So, apparently Dion Waiters is being traded, probably to the Thunder.

Update (7:45): This trade is getting downright strange.

Update (8:00): Aaaand it is getting even weirder. After initial reports that Reggie Jackson was going to the Knicks, it now just appears that this is a salary dump for them?

Update (8:45): We still don't know what is fully going on with this trade. Yahoo and ESPN have their write-ups, but both are cagey, with Yahoo writing the deal is "in principle" and ESPN saying "serious talks." What seems to be certain is that Dion Waiters is going to Oklahoma City, JR Smith and Iman Shumpert are going to Cleveland, and some combination of easily waivable flotsam (mostly from OKC) is going to New York. Reggie Jackson is probably not going anywhere.

Photo via Ronald Martinez/Getty