This is so dumb.

Argentine Javier Mascherano was playing in a World Cup Qualifier against Ecuador today when he went down with an injury. He had to be loaded on a medical cart and driven off the field. Then everything got out of hand.

When Mascherano was on the cart he was accidentally splashed with water, and decided to hold the medical cart driver accountable for his crimes. Mascherano kicked the driver multiple times in the arm and shoulder. He is so dumb.

He was given a red card for his actions, because he was being a dick, and dicks don't get to play. Instead of going to the locker room, he went after the referee. Javier Mascherano is 29 years old.

Armed riot police with shields and nightsticks had to step in to separate him from the ref. He didn't leave the pitch until his teammates stepped in.


He'll be suspended multiple games for the straight red, and potentially more for his actions. So dumb.

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