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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Two Separate Heads Got Cracked With Bottles In This Fight In San Diego

We join the action mid-beef during a tailgate at the Chargers-Cowboys game Sunday as Dez Bryant Dude is already stewing and pacing around. Then some lady slaps him in the face and the bottles start flying.


Dez Bryant Dude is cheap-shotted shortly thereafter and took a bottle to the dome. His friend (or at least someone who disagrees with bottle-to-the-dome cheapshots), in a Ryan Mathews jersey, is then also cheap-shotted and also takes a bottle to the dome. And then we meet the unquestioned star of this video. Dramatic Howard.

As soon as Ryan Mathews Dude gets hit, Howard sticks his fucking arm in front of the camera. Then Howard walks over to the fight, waving his arm around and yelling "hey, look at this." We get it, dude, you're bleeding. Did you happen to see the two dudes who got clocked in the face with glass bottles?

h/t Vince