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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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"Beat SC Week" (or "Troy Week," depending on your affiliation) started off with a bang, but the game would have ended with a whimper — had Rick Neuheisel and Pete Carroll not acted like petulant brats, nearly precipitating a brawl.


Let's set the scene. The week started off with a bang, as the Bruin Statue got a cardinal and gold paint job. Fearing retribution, Tommy Trojan received a round-the-clock guard.

The game was uneventful as usual, until the Trojans kneeled with 54 seconds left to run out the clock. That's when Neuheisel inexplicably called a time out. Pete Caroll could have been the bigger man, and simply kneeled again. But no one has ever accused Pete Carroll of having the moral high ground. The next play:

The Trojans celebrated taunted vigorously, and the Bruins sideline cleared. Who says LA needs the NFL? They've already got fans wholly devoted to immature players and asshole coaches.

Sportsmanship Takes A Timeout In USC-UCLA Game [LA Times]

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