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I’ve been thinking about this all season long, and now that it’s over it’s just time to say it: Warriors fans are herbs.

I’m sick of it. Look at these herbs.

Pictured: a herb.

Pictured: a herb.

Pictured: Herb with herby sign.

Pictured: Herbs high-fiving in a very herb-like way.

Pictured: Herb, herb, herb, herby sign.

Pictured: Herb doing herb-like thing.

Pictured: Dad doing dad-like thing, herbily.

Pictured: Herb wearing herby getup.

Pictured: perfectly nice young woman who is nevertheless probably a herb.

Pictured: Herbiest herb to ever herb.

Pictured: This stance is, like, this herb’s thing.

Pictured: Herb assaults innocent non-herb with herb-like gesture.

Pictured: Two herbs, united.

Pictured: Herb with herby and incorrect sign.

Pictured: A herb.

“Dear God, I don’t ask for much but I pray that you make me less of a herb.”

Pictured: Pandering herb with a young herb.

Pictured: What’s that noise? It’s the herb alert going off.

Pictured: a T over a button-up is herby as hell.

Pictured: Joe Lacob, rich herb.

Pictured: This man brought a Nikon to watch Game 7 courtside. Peak herb shit.

Pictured: King Herb.

Sorry you’re herbs :(

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