When we last checked in with the Texas Tech football program, we were giggling like school children at this farcical email, sent from a booster to the school's deputy athletic director. Recall: the email was all about how to craft new head coach Kliff Kingsbury's image into one that would vault him onto the "Hollywood A-list."


Well, it looks like Texas Tech might be taking the booster's email to heart, because Kliff Kingsbury is just swaggin' all over the place right now. Feast your eyes on the video above, in which we get an all-access look at Kingsbury running a spring practice. Not only does Kingsbury compliment one of his players for looking "murdered out" (that means he's wearing a lot of black, nerds), he also raps along to a Biggie track and starts a team scrum by screaming, "Let's get it turned up!" while Lil Wayne plays in the background.

We are so turned up right now.