Heckler Who Got Owned By Matt Kalil Says He's Going To Press Charges

@Kirby_Fuckett, the guy who got owned by Vikings tackle Matt Kalil after yesterday's game, tells City Pages that he plans on pressing charges against Kalil. He also wants everyone to know that he is "never scared" and that Kalil is "soft."

Here's what @Kirby_Fuckett had to say:

When reached via Gchat this morning Rhett Wade said he felt threatened by Kalil when the 6-7 lineman stepped toward him, and after the video surfaced Wade said he planned on pressing charges.

"His big ass was walking at me like he was ready to knuckle up, but im never scared so I was like "what's up" .. and all he did was grab my hat, he's soft," wrote Wade, who goes by @Kirby_Fuckett on Twitter. Wade threw his program at Kalil after the hat was tossed.

@Kirby_Fuckett just needs to let this go and take the L.

[City Pages]

Vikings Tackle Matt Kalil Knocks A Heckler's Hat Off His Head

Reader Thad sends along this video of Vikings tackle Matt Kalil leaving the stadium after yesterday's loss to the Packers. At the very start of the video, you can see Kalil walk up to a Vikings fan, knock the dude's hat off his head, and then walk away. Then someone throws something at Kalil, and misses badly.

I went back and forth for a bit as to whether this is or isn't a solid own by Kalil, and my final verdict is that it is. I remember the knock-the-hat-off-some-chump's-head move being a devastating one back in, like, fifth grade, and I am glad to see that Kalil is still using it in the adult world. Nobody ever looks like anything other than a big loser who just got his shit owned while he's bending down to pick up a hat that was just whacked off his head.

This is made all the better by the fact that the guy Kalil owned goes by @Kirby_Fuckett on Twitter:



h/t Thad